Hiking & Biking

The wide open desert of Arizona allows many to enjoy the liberty of a hiking adventure, a light stroll or a rugged biking experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced outdoorsman, Arizona has many areas for all to enjoy. Exploring the desert often leads to sightings of wild horses and burros, deer, and even bighorn sheep. Be sure to watch for crawling and slithering creatures as many are poisonous. Be aware of your surroundings, and make sure to inform someone of your plans, although taking someone along with you is your best option. Cell phone service is not consistent in the desert and may not be available if there is an emergency. Also be sure to take the proper measures of hydrating before, during and after your excursion.


  • Painted Desert Trail - An intermediate 1.3 mile loop that should be expected to take 1 hour. Features rocks created by volcanic lava from over 30,00 years ago and offers views of the lower Colorado River.
  • Muggins Peak - A 4 miles hike through the Sonoran Desert, with an elevation gain of 1184 feet, 
  • Betty’s Kitchen Wildlife Area and Interpretive Trail - A moderate ½ mile interpretive trail. Directions: from Yuma, go 7 miles E on I-95 to Ave 7E (Laguna Dam Road) Turn N , ahead for 9 miles TL and follow signs for Betty's Kitchen.
  • Squaw Lake Nature Trail - A 2 mile, estimated 3 hour trail, with an elevation gain of 140 feet. A favorite amongst bird watchers, with over 200 species that are usually viewable.  


  • Fortuna Mine Trail - A 12 mile trail offering a rugged experience for most bikers. The trail is stony and rubbly, with a sandy red colored surface.  
  • Marty’s Ridge to Liberty Bell - A 9.9 mile double track trail surfaced with “desert pavement”. It runs through the Laguna Mountains and the landscape is bleak and barren.
  • Colorado River Trail - 1.5 mile trail located in Yuma, along the banks of the Colorado River with a smooth level surface.

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Off-Road Program

All programming includes transportation, chow, all desired euipment and programming staff. For more information on availability, please call Arizona Adventures.We can host 8-18 active duty Marines. Equipment includes:

  • Off Road vehicles (2-6 seat varieties)
  • Dirt Bikes
  • ATVs
  • and more!