Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program (P.R.E.P.) is a skills training program that teaches married or engaged couples communication skills and ground rules for handling conflict and promoting intimacy. The program's aim is to prevent future marital problems including violence and divorce.

P.R.E.P. offers a fresh approach. The workshop and the materials teach couples the skills they need to nurture a lasting love. Couples spend most of their time in special discussions or practicing skills. Key topics include expectations, commitment, fun, forgiveness, friendship, feeling understood and sensuality.

P.R.E.P. is NOT therapy. No encounter group or sharing of personal concerns, simply thrilling insights into a more loving and growth-filled relationship.

P.R.E.P. begins with teaching effective communication skills, then addresses problem resolution strategies that work, how to discover the hidden issues in every relationship and then move into forgiveness, fun, friendship, and sensuality.